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Booking the Classrooms:
All classes and events must be officially booked into the rooms.  Academic courses and course related events are booked through the University Registrar by your departmental schedule-of-classes coordinator.

Other departmental, club, or outside events should be booked through Student Center & Event Services (824-5252).

A/V Equipment:
See Classrooms & Lecture Halls or Classroom Info & Pictures for a full list of equipment in each room.  For online instructions or reference guides, view our powerpoint presentation or the printable quick start guides located on each classroom page.

Additional equipment may be rented from CT for a fee by submitting an Equipment Rental Request Form.  When requested for on-campus use by a valid course, a wireless microphone system, headset microphone, portable document camera, or VHS deck may be picked up for daily or quarterly use at no charge. For all equipment policies, rental rates, and equipment options, visit our Equipment Rental page.

Microphones Available in Lecture Halls:
For both courses and events using Smart Lecture Halls, CT standard policy is to set out 1 wireless bodypack with a clip-on lapel microphone. Two wireless mics (either 2 lapel, 2 handheld, or 1 of each) are available by request. Instructors may also request a headset microphone in place of the lapel mic.

VHS Tape Usage in Campus Classrooms:
As of Fall 2016, SmartClassrooms no longer contain VHS/DVD decks by default. While they were phased out of the standard equipment list in classrooms beginning in 2012, VHS tapes can still be temporarily accommodated in any room.

VHS decks may be picked up for loan from the OIT CT office, your department, or support centers such as the Humanities Studio or Social Science Computing Services, and connected to the RCA inputs on the side of the SmartClassroom lectern. For the long term, we recommend that materials currently on VHS tape should be re-purchased in digital format as available, or converted to digital format where copyright allows. For assistance and information, please contact your subject librarian, your school computing support staff, or OIT CT staff.

Complete information on VHS usage in the classrooms is available here:
VHS Usage Information

SmartClassroom Computers:
All SmartClassroom computers require a user to log in with a valid UCInetID and password.  If you are new to campus, you must activate your UCInetID before using the classroom computer, or have someone log in for you.

Each computer contains a CD/DVD-ROM drive and has multiple USB ports to accommodate user supplied external drives or presentation devices.  The computers are always connected to the internet and contain a standard set of software, including an audio/screen capture service called UCI Replay.

Also new for Fall 2014 is the inclusion of Doceri Desktop. When the Doceri app is installed on an instructor's tablet (free for iPad, $4.99 for Windows 8), the instructor can wirelessly control the computer and perform interactive whiteboard type annotations over the screen.

For a full list of software, visit: www.oit.uci.edu/labs/smartclassrooms/software/
For info on UCI Replay, visit: http://replay.oit.uci.edu
For info on Doceri, visit: www.classrooms.uci.edu/doceri.html

Special software can be requested on the classroom PCs by contacting OIT at 824-2222 or emailing oit@uci.edu. To provide adequate lead time for testing/installation, instructors should notify OIT of all software needs at the time of reservation. Software installation lead time of two weeks is strongly recommended.  OIT will install only software that has a proper and valid license.

Laptop Connections:
If a hardwired or wireless network connection is needed for a laptop, the laptop’s MAC (Media Access Control) address must be registered with OIT, and it must be set to connect to the internet automatically via DHCP.  For more information on setting up a laptop for network connections in the classroom, please call OIT at 824-2222 or visit: www.oit.uci.edu/mobile/

Laptop audio and video cables are located in each SmartClassroom lectern. All rooms contain an HDMI cable and a male 15-pin VGA cable for video, and an analog 1/8” mini audio cable. Please refer to Classrooms & Lecture Halls or Classroom Info & Pictures for an up-to-date list of equipment in each room.  It is the responsibility of the laptop user to obtain and use the proper adapters in the case a laptop does not have these standard connections built in.

Room Usage Fees:
Regularly scheduled class meetings during the academic quarter have access to SmartClassroom equipment free of charge.  This policy also includes additional meetings outside of regularly scheduled class time for course review, film screenings, etc., provided the event is directly related to a valid course code.

Departmental, administrative, and off-campus groups (not relating to a class) are charged for the use of installed SmartClassroom equipment at a rate of $42/hr [effective 11/1/2018] (or portion thereof) up to a maximum of $210/day.  A $25 late fee will be assessed for each new reservation (or change to an existing reservation) requiring keycard or equipment activation with less than 3 full business days notice.

eTech Policy for Student Groups:
As of Fall quarter 2013, student groups will no longer be charged for the use of installed SmartClassroom equipment.  However, the late fee policy listed above is still enforced.

For student groups reserving lecture hall equipment, CT standard policy is to set out 1 wireless bodypack with a clip-on lapel microphone. Two wireless mics (either 2 lapel, 2 handheld, or 1 of each) are available by request. Please specify your needs with Student Center & Event Services at the time of your room reservation. If additional wired or wireless microphones are needed, they will need to be rented from CT per our equipment rental policy.

Room and Equipment Access:
The SmartClassrooms are unlocked for all classes and events occurring Monday through Friday between 8am and 10pm, but are locked nights, weekends, and holidays.  Keycards must be picked up from CT by 4:30pm on Friday for weekend access, and are due back within 3 business days of the reservation’s final date. Keycards not returned on time will be subject to a $25 late/lost keycard fee per card.

CT has the ability to enable or disable the control panel in each SmartClassroom.  For all classes and class-related events, the panel will be enabled automatically.  For departmental or club events, it will be disabled unless equipment use was specified when the room was booked.

Room Assistance:
During the Fall, Winter, and Spring academic quarters, on-call assistance for both classes and events is available 7:30am-8pm Monday-Thursday, and 7:30am-6pm Friday.

During Summer and between quarters, CT normally consolidates service hours to 7:30am-6pm Monday through Friday.

CT can be reached by calling (949) 824-8833 (x48833 from on-campus phones), or emailing us at smartclassrooms@uci.edu.  If there is a problem, we will be able to walk you through it over the phone or send a technician to the room to assist you. Additionally, there are quick start equipment guides located on each lectern, and on each of our classroom webpages.

Classroom Orientations:
Room users are strongly encouraged to attend one of CTS’s classroom orientations prior to use of the audio/visual resources in the room.  Orientations are regularly held at the start of each quarter, with dates and times published on our home page.  Additionally, room users can schedule private orientations or consultation sessions at any time by contacting us at (949) 824-8833 or emailing us at smartclassrooms@uci.edu.


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