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Equipment is available for rent by academic units, administrative units, research units, and registered student groups.

We cannot rent to individuals or off-campus groups unless they are sponsored and authorized by a campus department.

Groups may be able to reserve equipment through Student Center & Event Services at the time of a room/space reservation.

Pick-Up & Return

All equipment available at the Classroom Technologies office for will-call only.

Classroom Technologies staff can train the user on set up and operation of the equipment, but it is the users’ responsibility to transport the equipment, set it up on site, and return it on time.

Users assume responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged items, and will be recharged for the cost of replacing or restoring any items to their original condition.

Main Office
Anteater Learning Pavilion
Building #605, Suite 3200
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697

Office Hours
8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
Closed Weekends

Service Hours

Will-call service hours are Monday through Friday, 8am-4:30pm.

Classroom Technologies staff may be able to provide information or assistance after hours by calling our SmartClassroom help line at (949) 824-8833, but instructions on equipment set-up and use should be gone over at the time equipment is picked up.

Equipment rented for evening events should be picked up before 4:30pm and returned the following business day before 12pm (noon).

Weekend rentals must be picked up by 4:30pm on Friday and returned the following Monday before 12pm (noon).

Daily Rates

Rental equipment is charged at a daily rate, regardless of whether it's reserved for one hour or ten.

Short Notice

All equipment orders placed within three business days of the pickup date will incur an additional day’s rental fee.

Please note that orders sent in after 5pm are not considered “received” until the following business day.


Cancellations and changes are accepted at any time and can be made without charge up to 24 hours before the event start time. Classroom Technologies does charge in full for equipment cancelled within 24 hours of the event.

Special Event Services

Classroom Technologies requires at least one week's notice for special events requiring more detailed planning, large amounts of equipment, or other operational considerations.

In most cases, we will also want to make sure you have thoroughly discussed your event details with Student Center & Event Services.

If a special event cannot be accommodated, we can provide event planners with a list of external vendors to work with directly.


The following are available at no charge, per instructor, per course:

  • One wireless microphone system
  • One portable document camera
  • One VHS deck

For other equipment, quarter-long rentals are generally available for instructors at a reduced fee equal to 10 days rental.

Teaching in a large classroom with a whiteboard?

Instructors can pick up wide-tipped whiteboard markers for the quarter from the Classroom Technologies office in ALP 3200


ALP 1700

Contact the University Registrar for questions about scheduling classrooms for academic courses.

Visit UCI Conference Center - Event Venues for classroom & other facility rentals that are not for academic courses.

Classroom rental rates are by the hour and a $25 fee is incurred for lost or damaged key cards.

$50.00 / hour


Overhead transparency projector

Overhead Transparency Projector

$7.00 / day

Data projector

Video / data projector

VGA cable included for laptop use

$52.50 / day


Tripod-style screen

Up to 70” x 70” portable tripod-style screen

$5.25 / day

Tripod-style screen

8' x 8' portable tripod-style screen

$10.50 / day


Public address (PA) system

Basic PA system

One microphone, one mixer/amplifier (four mic inputs), two speakers, 1/8" mini audio cable

$21.00 / day


Catchbox throwable microphone

One Catchbox microphone with adaptor and receiver

For class-use only; no charge

Microphone with stand and cables


Wired handheld microphone with 25’ cable included (boom stand or table stand available)

$5.25 / day

Lavalier microphone

Lavalier microphone

Clip-on or hanging microphone on 25' cable

$5.25 / day

Wireless microphone body pack

Wireless microphone system

One lavalier microphone

$10.50 / day

Body pack lavalier

Lavalier microphone (clips to lapel) comes standard with wireless system

Headset microphone

Instructors may request a headset microphone worn around the ear if desired

Handheld wireless microphone

Wireless microphone system

One handheld microphone

$10.50 / day

Four microphone wireless system

Wireless microphone system

Four handheld microphones

$21.00 / day

Conference microphone

Conference microphone

Suitable for audio recording

$5.25 / day

Microphone mixer

Microphone mixer

Monaural (four microphone inputs)

$7.50 / day



Monaural (basic BA amplifier)

$10.50 / day


Speakers (pair)

Support stands and cables included

$10.50 / day

Powered speakers

Powered speaker

Small or large available

$10.50 / day

CD/cassette combo player

CD/cassette combo player

$10.00 / day


DVD/VHS combo player

VHS/DVD combo player

$10.50 / day



Uses standard VHS video tapes

$26.25 / day

Document camera

Document camera

Elmo P30 or equivalent

$26.25 / day

Portable document camera

Portable document camera

Elmo MO-1 or equivalent

$17.00 / day


Folding projector stand

Folding projector stand

$3.75 / day


Plastic cart

$3.75 / day

AC cable

Additional A/C cable

One included free with applicable rentals

$3.75 / day

Microphone on table stand

Additional microphone stand

Boom or table stand available

$3.75 / day