Classroom capacity varies and seating may be stationary or fixed. Specifics can be found on each classroom's page.

Randomized seating charts are available for many fixed-seating classrooms via the Registrar's WebRoster.


Lecterns are equipped with Windows computers, laptop audio/video connections, touch-panel controllers (for room lighting, audio, screens, etc.), Blu-ray and all-region DVD playback, XLR microphone inputs, RCA auxiliary inputs, and USC microphones.

Smart Lecture Halls and Active Learning Classrooms also include document cameras, gooseneck microphones, and wireless microphone options.

Smart Lecture Halls have Wacom writing tablets.

Active Learning Classrooms have touch-screen lectern computers.

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Office of Information Technology


Classrooms have one or more electric and/or manual projection screens and data projectors. Most screens are in 16:9 widescreen format. Specifics can be found on each classroom's page.

Active Learning Classrooms have wireless presentation options via Mersive Solstice software and may have multiple displays available. Some Active Learning classrooms have dedicated laptops and displays at each student (group) table.

Writing Boards

Classrooms may include one or more whiteboards (sliding and/or stationary, chalkboards, and/or tempered glass boards as writing surfaces.

Some Active Learning Classrooms also have whiteboards on rolling stands, and/or small portable whiteboards at each student (group) table.


iClicker base stations are permanently installed in nearly all classrooms. Instructors can request a base station for classrooms that do not have one installed. iClicker base station frequencies vary and can be found on each classroom's page.

UCI Clickers

Entry / Exit

The number of interior/exterior doors varies, as does availability of key card entry. Specifics can be found on each classroom's page.


Every classroom has an installed phone with Classroom Technologies' contact information posted prominently. Instructors are encouraged to call if there is an issue with any of the technology during class. Classroom Technologies staff will do their best to assist as urgently as possible.