Audience Response System

Lecture Capture

Audience response systems provide immediate feedback during class. For example, an instructor might use the iClicker audience response system to gauge students' understanding of important concepts during class, then adjust their teaching based on students' performance.

Classroom Technologies currently supports the iClicker system in all general assignment classrooms.

UCI Clickers

Lecture capture tools help instructors record their classes. Recordings can include the screen (e.g. slides) and, in some cases, video of the instructor speaking.

Classroom Technologies currently supports the UCI Replay, which is powered by YuJa. While the service is geared toward recording classes, the service is available campus-wide and can be used for recording events, meetings, and all kinds of presentations.

UCI is phasing out TechSmith Relay, which is no longer supported or maintained by the manufacturer.

UCI Replay powered by YuJa

eTech Mini Grants

Is there an instructional technology you'd like to use that is not currently provided by Classroom Technologies or other campus resources?

As part of ongoing efforts to support technology-enhanced education at UCI, the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (OVPTL) and the Office of Information Technology (OIT) run the eTech Mini Grant program to assist faculty with the purchase of hardware, software, or subscriptions (up to $500) for the purpose of developing and teaching undergraduate lecture courses.

In return, grantees are asked to provide feedback on their experiences that can be shared with instructors who may be considering a similar solution.

eTech Mini Grants