Classes are currently remote

Where available, classroom seating information includes "Physical Distance Capacity" to reflect the reduced classroom capacity possible within COVID-19 safety guidelines.

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Lecture Hall


Physical Distance Capacity



  • Windows computer
    OIT - SmartClassroom Software
  • Laptop A/V inputs (VGA, HDMI)
  • Extron touch-panel controller
  • Blu-ray player
  • External XLR microphone input
  • Auxiliary A/V inputs (RCA)
  • USB microphone


  • Data projector
    16:10 format 1280x800 WXGA image
  • Overhead transparency projector
  • Two electric projection screens

Writing Boards

  • Sliding whiteboard
    Instructors - Contact us if you would like to pick up wide-tipped whiteboard markers for this room


Base Station Frequency


Entry / Exit

  • Twelve exterior doors


  • Document camera
  • Gooseneck microphone
  • Mirrored flatscreen display
  • Raised stage with lift
  • Scheduled YuJa lecture capture at instructor request
    • Scheduled recordings in SSH 100 can capture images shown on the center projector and audio captured by provided wireless microphones (wireless microphone audio cannot be captured with manually activated YuJa recordings at this time)
  • Two wireless microphones available
    One lapel microphone set out daily for regular classes and events; two lapel, two handheld, or one of each also available and instructors may request a headset microphone worn over the ear in place of a lapel microphone
  • Writing tablet



This classroom's equipment was last refreshed in Summer 2015

Classrooms are refreshed on a five-year cycle based on campus feedback, maintenance needs, and evolving best practices

Feedback & Refresh Cycle

Classroom Technology is supported by eTech


For urgent help during class, use the installed help phone to reach Classroom Technologies at (949) 824-5128

Floor Plans

SSH 100 - Layout
Social Science Hall - Layout


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