Classes are currently remote

Where available, classroom seating information includes "Physical Distance Capacity" to reflect the reduced classroom capacity possible within COVID-19 safety guidelines.

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Physical Distance Capacity

9; closed for Fall 2020 (storage)

  • Original capacity: 25
  • Mobile tablet-arm chairs
  • Flat floor


  • Windows computer
    OIT - SmartClassroom Software
  • Laptop A/V inputs (VGA, HDMI)
  • Extron touch-panel controller
  • Blu-ray player
  • External XLR microphone input
  • Auxiliary A/V inputs (RCA)
  • USB microphone


  • Data projector
    16:10 format 1280x800 WXGA image
  • Overhead transparency projector
  • One manual projection screen

Writing Boards

  • Whiteboard


This room does not have a permanently installed iClicker base station. To request a loaner base station, please contact us.

Entry / Exit

  • One interior door
  • Key card access



This classroom's equipment was last refreshed in Summer 2019

Classrooms are refreshed on a five-year cycle based on campus feedback, maintenance needs, and evolving best practices

Feedback & Refresh Cycle

Classroom Technology is supported by eTech


For urgent help during class, use the installed help phone to reach Classroom Technologies at (949) 824-5128

Floor Plans

SSL 122 - Layout
Social Science Lab - First Floor


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